Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing: The Complete List


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Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing: The Complete List

WordPress is an excellent platform for affiliate marketing. It has many features that work naturally with an affiliate marketing theme. It is essential to your SEO as well as to your overall site to have a theme that complements what you do. If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to illustrate the benefits of trying the product you are promoting through your chosen theme.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 of the top themes for affiliate marketing. Then you can choose the ones you like and check them out for yourself. We’ll conclude with a vote for our favorite theme and give reasons why we chose it.

Genesis Framework

One theme we like for affiliate marketers is Genesis Framework. We like this theme because it features many different topics that you can access from the Genesis framework site. For these themes, you pay a one-time fee then you will have unlimited access to all of their themes. The themes under this heading have tons of features such as advanced multimedia support, tabbed pages, a great UX as well as comment section options and responsive design. When you choose this theme, you’ll get more than a theme. You’ll open up an entirely separate window of themes and motifs that allow you to expand on your current site or start a new affiliate marketing site. (

Steady Income

Here is a theme that communicates that your site is about building an affiliate marketing business. With a focus on developing passive income, the commercial theme is apparent to the viewer. There are plenty of options including the money-making themes, lots of widgets that help you increase traffic and visibility, and tools to promote traffic, which is the most critical aspect of an affiliate site. Online marketing is at the heart of this robust theme and you can create it in any resolution so it will look great with any screen size. This should also make it mobile-friendly for mobile users. It also has an ad revenue mobilization aspect. (


Here is a great responsive theme that is mobile-friendly and publisher-friendly too. There are many design options such as the ability to present it as an online magazine. For publishing content about your affiliate marketing projects or blog content, this theme would work nicely. There are three columns for text, built-in SEO, and other options like social media toolbox and many other nifty features. The visual look of this platform tells visitors you are serious about offering them great deals and it makes it easy to feature the content that is most likely to result in sales. (

Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

This theme is adequately and simply titled as an affiliate marketing WP theme. It features several healthy options and features that outdo many other themes. Some of the best features are listed below.
• Visual Composer
• Woo Commerce Ready
• Product Profiles
• Revolutionary Slider
Also, the theme is simple to install, and you can choose your colors, check out the galleries, and customize your site to your liking and change it as often as you want with ease. This theme is considered to be 100% responsive design. You can see this theme up close here. It’s available at the Theme Forest portal site. (
h2>Look Fashion Affiliate Marketing Blog

If you are in the fashion business and also an affiliate marketer in this space, here is the perfect theme for you. The look says “fashion” the minute you see it, but it also features lots of assets that you’d expect to find on a successful marketing site. Some of the most impressive features we noticed are the ability to sell your affiliate products right on your site as well as the ability to choose from 5 different website layouts. Users report excellent site performance with little lag time, so this will cut down on your lost customers and bounced stats. (


If you are a multimedia content producer or use a lot of media in your presentations or projects, here is a theme you should know about. Designed for the online newspaper and magazine publisher, you’ll find the glamorous look and feel of this theme will help you project a professional image while promoting the ads you need to make a living as an affiliate marketer. You’ll have a beautiful home page as well as a Lightbox photo gallery and plenty of customizations to make it uniquely your own. Check out this theme at (


This simple-look affiliate marketing theme is perfect if you don’t like frills or want to go for the “minimalist” look. It is considered a front-end design tool that has as its goal to get more views, engagements, and sales. You have fully customizable features with this theme such as sidebars, headers, and footers. You can also use Contact Form 7 plugins from the WordPress website and other add-ons. The cost of this theme is $39. (

Superb Landing Page

If you are looking for a more generic affiliate marketing page that can also be used for other purposes, check out this one. It’s on the site and is free to download and use. (


Comre is a simplistic, minimalist design that helps you professionally present your affiliate marketing. It includes a large picture area where you can draw in your visitors to show off your products or affiliate items. Then you can use the Visual Composer to create small slideshows and feature coupons that appeal to your target customers. The cost of this theme is $59. (

Coupon XL

Coupon XL, as its name suggests focuses on creating coupon deals for your target audience. When you are doing affiliate marketing, you want to be able to increase conversions by offering coupons for your affiliates. One of the best aspects of this theme is that it is compatible with PayPal, PayU, Stripe, and many others. (


All of these themes are intriguing, and they could all be utilized for an affiliate marketer wanting to create the perfect affiliate marketing site. The critical thing to remember is to choose a theme that best represents your type of industry as well as including a variety of features that allow you to expand your business as your customer base grows. Creating excitement for your brand, whether you are representing your products or those of an affiliate, is the key to succeeding as an affiliate marketer.

And the Winner Is…

After looking at all of the WordPress themes that we researched, we decided that we like the “Entrepreneurship” theme best because it reflects any brand in the most professional light while offering the ability to expand and add onto the site anytime. It also features plenty of options that you can use to add to your branding such as multimedia assets. That being said, if you are looking for an affiliate marketing theme, you should spend a little time looking around before deciding which one to commit to. But that’s the fun part, so enjoy it!

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